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Terms of Service Agreement for Ernie.com and FansUnited.org

These are the terms of service for Ernie.com. By accessing our website, using our app, or creating an account with us you agree to these terms. At any point Ernie.com can decide to change or update our terms of service without warning. We will inform you of these changes when they happen either via email, or on the homepage of our app or website.

Note on Permissions Granted by Ernie.com

Throughout this terms of service agreement there are multiple occasions where it is stated that a user, person, or other entity must get permission from Ernie.com before proceeding with a certain action. All permissions granted by Ernie.com must be written (by hand or electronically) and clearly state what permissions are being granted in order to be valid. Any permissions granted by Ernie.com over the phone, verbally, or in any form or fashion other than written are not valid and do not give you the ability to follow through with the action you sought permission for.

User Content

Ernie.com is committed to treating all of our users and the content they post with fairness at all times. You own all of the content and information you post on Ernie.com. In addition:

  1. For content that is covered by intellectual property rights, you give us the following permission by using Ernie.com: you grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any intellectual property (IP) content that you post on or in connection with Ernie.com (IP License). This IP License ends when you delete your IP content or your account unless your content has been shared with others, and they have not deleted it.
  2. If, at any time, you wish to end this license, simply delete any intellectual property content or your account. When you delete IP content, it is deleted in a manner similar to how a person would delete files from their computer. However, you understand that removed content may remain in backup copies. These backups will never be made available to other parties.
  3. When you publish content or information, it means that, depending on your privacy settings,everyone, including people who are not members of Ernie.com may be able to access and/or use the aforementioned information, and that this information could potentially be used to identify you. Ernie.com is not responsible for the actions taken by other parties to obtain information from a user that has been publicly posted, nor are we responsible for the actions taken by other parties after this information has been obtained after being publicly posted.
  4. In order to improve Ernie.com and the services that this site provides, Ernie.comis open to any suggestions, criticism, or feedback you may have. You recognize that any suggestions, criticism, or feedback has been given to Ernie.com to use without the expectation or obligation to offer compensation for the input provided.


Ernie.com collects user data including but not limited to team affiliations, personal information, and content. All information collected is or internal use to provide the best possible social media experience as well as to guide advocacy efforts.


Ernie.com is a community where respect is expected from all users, although we cannot guarantee this. Ernie.com solicits your help in maintaining an enjoyable and inclusive experience. By agreeing to these terms you agree that:

  1. You will treat all members with respect regardless of their interests inside and outside of sports. Team rivalries are not an excuse for belligerent or hostile behavior.
  2. You will not use automated tools, services, or other methods to access Ernie.com for any purposes whatsoever, including data mining and the collection of user information.
  3. You will not spread, upload, or share any malware, including but not limited to viruses and harmful code.
  4. You will not engage in behavior or post content that is determined by us to be intimidating, bullying, harassment, hate speech, threatening, discriminatory, pornographic, a call for violence, graphic in nature, deceitful or illegal in any way.
  5. You will keep your own login information private, and make no attempts to acquire the login information or access an account that does not belong to you.
  6. You will not post, send, or spread advertisements, commercial content, bulk messages, junk mail, or any other spam.
  7. You will not act in a manner that is misleading, deceitful, grossly dishonest, malicious, or unlawful. This includes stealing intellectual property and scams.
  8. You will not run promotions, sweepstakes, marketing campaigns, or giveaways on Ernie.com without consent of Ernie.com.
  9. You will not create any third-party applications for Ernie.com that access information from Ernie.com without permission from Ernie.com.
  10. You will do nothing to interfere with Ernie.com's ability to operate and function properly and as intended. This includes DDOS attacks and changes to the appearance of Ernie.com.

Registration and Account Security

Ernie.com requires you to use your real name and information. We believe this type of transparency is important in our efforts to maintain a safe and inclusive environment for all sports fans. By using our services you agree that:

  1. All information that you provide on Ernie.com will be your own. You will not make an account in another person's name, use false information, or create a fake persona for Ernie.com
  2. You must be 13 years of age to use Ernie.com and by creating an account with Ernie.com you confirm that you have entered your correct birthday, as it appears on your birth certificate, and that you are at least 13 years of age.
  3. Ernie.com requires certain contact information (phone number and email address) to create an account and may be shared with parties outside our services. Should you choose to change your phone number or email address at anytime, you agree to update your profile to reflect these changes no later than 48 hours after the change is made. This enables Ernie.com to reach you in the unlikely event of a problem, and also prevents the new owner of your previous phone number or email address from receiving your information.
  4. You understand that commercial activity is prohibited on personal accounts and agree to not use your personal account for your own economic gain
  5. Any company looking to have a presence on Ernie.com must first gain permission. This includes the creation of personal profiles and other activities outside of our offered advertising services.
  6. You agree that you will not transfer, sell, trade, or barter your account to anyone without the permission of Ernie.com. Any attempts to do so may result in the removal or reclamation of the account without any liability to you or the other party involved.
  7. Ernie.com reserves the right to remove or refuse the distribution of any content, ban any user, or remove, suspend, or reclaim any account as we deem necessary, without any liability to you, to ensure that Ernie.com remains an honest and enjoyable experience for all of its users.
  8. If you are banned or have your account removed or reclaimed, you agree to get permission from Ernie.com before creating a new account with Ernie.com. If you fail to do so, you understand that Ernie.com can remove or reclaim any new accounts you create.
  9. You will not use Ernie.com, nor will you create an account with Ernie.com if you are a convicted sex offender.
  10. You will not have more than one personal account at anytime. If you choose to create a new account, you must transfer ownership of or delete the old account within 24 hours of completing the registration process for your new account.

Community and Behavior Guidelines

In order to ensure that our online community on Ernie.com is as enjoyable as possible for our users, you agree by accessing Ernie.com that you will adhere to these guidelines at all times while using Ernie.com.

  1. You will not engage in any activities, including the posting of content, that is not in compliance with the law, violates another person's privacy (whether they are a member of Ernie.com or not), or infringes on someone else's rights (whether they are a member of Ernie.com or not).
  2. We reserve the right to remove any information or content that we feel violates someone else's copyright, trademark, or patent. We also agree to allow users the opportunity to appeal our decision when they believe content has been wrongfully removed for infringing on someone else's copyright, trademark, or patent.
  3. Repeat offenders of copyright, trademark, and patent violations on Ernie.com may get their account suspended, removed, or reclaimed.
  4. You agree not to use any of Ernie.com's copyrights or trademarks, as well as any misleadingly similar marks, without first receiving permission from Ernie.com.
  5. Before collecting information on any users you will first get permission from Ernie.com, and then you must receive permission in writing from each user you collect information on. You will explicitly tell them you are collecting this information completely separately from Ernie.com, and you will disclose all the information you may collect as well as what will be done with the information once it is collected. If you do anything with the information you collect outside of what you have disclosed to Ernie.com and/or the participants in your information collection process, your account may be suspended, removed, or reclaimed.
  6. You will never post someone else's identification documents or financial information, or any information or (intellectual) property that is deemed confidential by its owner.
  7. You will respect the privacy of other users and agree to always gain permission from a user before tagging them in anyway as well as gain permission from non-users before sending invitations to them via email. We agree to offer tools for our users to report privacy violations as well as feedback.

Mobile and other devices

  1. You understand that although Ernie.com offers options to access our services via mobile and other devices, your mobile network operator's standard rates and fees will apply.
  2. You understand that other users will be able to sync their mobile and other devices with the information visible to them on Ernie.com


By using Ernie.com you understand and agree that Ernie.com can display advertisements on any and all pages of Ernie.com. In order to provide the best possible user experience, Ernie.com wants to provide each user with advertisements that are relevant to them. In order to do so, you agree to allow Ernie.com to use the data we collect to help match you with companies and advertisements relevant to your preferences, which may or may not include sharing the data we collect with outside companies and advertisers.